Good day my loves!😘 Kisses on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to you all. Today I want to encourage all of my LGBTQA brothers and sisters to embrace your uniqueness. I want to give a special shout out to my effeminate brothers. That’s right! Love to all my queens whether you be fem, butch, or a perfect blend of both. I implore you all to recognize that you come from a long line of trailblazers! True stars. To all my young queens going through life fighting every sway in your hips, every flick of your wrists, and every snap of your finger please understand that you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. 

In 1978 a legendary queen released the hit record Mighty Real and lit the disco world on fire! The queen’s name was Sylvester. Brought up in church like many of his black male counterparts, Sylvester found a way out of no way. He embraced his style, his sound, and his star power to do the unthinkable. He became a disco star during a much less tolerant period in our history. Imagine the ridicule he faced. Imagine the strength it took to remained poised and classy despite it all. Blaze on brothers and sisters! Tap into your purpose, peel back the layers, let your light shine, and sashay all day! Twirl on with as much self respect as possible. Don’t become a caricature. Be you. Be brave.